Beau Pair Cover

Beau Pair

I fell for Beau right away, is that normal? (Oh well!) His personality and the way he acts drew me in from the start. Plus

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Catch Me Cover

Catch Me

Okay, so Luca, Cairo, and Genesis (Gen)are total babes! Sometimes it takes adding another person to the dynamic to make things work and for Cairo

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Unwritten Cover


**Note: For this review I am going to try a different style of reviewing.** Unwritten had my heart by the end of the first chapter!

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The Mounting Block Cover

The Mounting Block

The Mounting Block was a very quick read. The chemistry between Dan and Joe was instant. But I felt like it came on way too

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Taming Dante Cover

Taming Dante

Dante is a hot mess, literally and figuratively. There is no one really looking out for his wellbeing. So when Cash comes into the picture

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Fatal Shadows Cover

Fatal Shadows

Okay, so Fatal Shadows has it all, honestly! Gay romance, murder, and a hunt for a serial killer! The best part is that we the

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Class Distinctions Cover

Class Distinctions

Class Distinctions was an extremely fast-paced short story. I very quickly got attached the Kyle and Johnathan. I was able to picture their relationship and

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Dinner At Home Cover

Dinner at Home

Dinner at Home has an interesting premise. I was intrigued by the synopsis and had to give it a read. But man, am I glad

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Alpha Heat Cover

Alpha Heat

Alpha Heat had me wanting more even from the first page. I was happy to see that Jason and Vale from Slow Heat made a

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Slow Heat Cover

Slow Heat

So I have to admit that I first became interested in the alpha/omega genre through fanfiction. So of course I began looking for books like

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