July 24, 2019

At Home with the Queen

At Home with the QueenAt Home with the Queen by Brian Hoey
Published by CB Creative Books on February 6th 2013
Genres: Non-Fiction
Pages: 281
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Behind the scenes of the private world at the heart of royalty, as revealed by a distinguished royal commentator.

This is the real story of what goes on inside the royal palaces, as witnessed by members of the royal staff and household past and present. Buckingham Palace is effectively an independent kingdom with its own rules and customs, now explained by Brian Hoey. Hundreds of anecdotes reveal the conditions in which the staff live and work and also their relationship with the Royals they serve.

How does one get a job as personal footman to the Queen? Why does Prince Charles still have to send a note to her Page of the Backstairs requesting a meeting with his mother? How much do members of the household earn? Why does the Queen hate men in three-piece suits? Why are the Queen’s bedsheets six inches longer than Prince Philip’s? Why do her maids have to vacuum walking backwards? Why doesn’t the Queen allow square ice-cubes to be put in her drinks

I have always had a fascination with British history and the royal family. I have always been drawn to learning more about them. While I have never taken and official class about British history, my family and friends will tell you I am well versed in knowledge. So it was bound that happen that I was going to pick up this book. The description had very interested and when I saw it was on Kindle Unlimited I jumped at it and man am I happy I did.

If you have ever wanted to learn about the different positions and what it takes to run the royal households, this book is for you. There were some juicy bits like which royals pay their staff more money and which royals are easier to work with. The book is jammed packed with details.

While there are plenty of details, sometimes they book sort of repeats itself in the same chapter. Like almost word for word, as a way of going into more detail on a subject matter. But other than that the flow of the book worked, and I liked how they chapters were broken down to different aspects

I learned so many things in this book like how the inner household runs. Also which royals are the hardest to work for. If you have every wanted to learn more about the royals, this is the book for you. I made so many notes for a project I am currently working on.

I would recommend this book to just about anyone. It is chock full of new information and keeps your interest. While sometimes it does repeat it’s self, that can easily be overlooks. Overall a good read.

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