Review: It’s Not You

It's Not You Cover

It’s Not You had me catching all the feels, and I loved every single moment of it! For me, this book checked all the boxes when it comes to an M/M romance book. There was a previous encounter, something that draws the two together, slowly coming together, and a happily […]

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Review: First by Casey Cox

First Cover

First caught my attention immediately and kept it the entire time I was reading. The whole daddy/boy dynamic really fit Stirling and Mikey and it was well explained throughout the book. Of course, not everything goes as planned but that just adds to the enjoyability of the book as a […]

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Review: Magic of Dragon by Xya Olsen

Magic of Dragon Cover

Magic of the Dragon caught my attention just by the synopsis. Being a fan of Harry Potter I was instantly interested. Add in the fact that it was a gay romance as well as I was sold. Magic of the Dragon is sort of a cross between Harry Potter and […]

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Review: Saxon’s Savior

Saxon's Savior Cover

Saxon’s Savior had everything I was looking for in a gay romance story. There was chemistry for sure. There was also drama in the form of a natural disaster. Lately, there was a slow heat meaning their feelings were built and not instant. Dallas Haynes’ life has never been easy […]

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The Seattle Stories: Books 1-3

Seattle Series Box Set Cover

For this review, I will be talking about the series as a whole and not focusing on just one specific book or each book at length. The Seattle Stories: Books 1-3 focuses on 3 different couples centering around Ben/Morgan, Sean/Peter, and Aiden/Marco. All three books together were over 900 pages […]

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Beau Pair

Beau Pair Cover

I fell for Beau right away, is that normal? (Oh well!) His personality and the way he acts drew me in from the start. Plus he sounds really cute. He loves fashion and designing is plus he is going to college. Then comes in Gordon, the silver fox. He too […]

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Catch Me

Catch Me Cover

Okay, so Luca, Cairo, and Genesis (Gen)are total babes! Sometimes it takes adding another person to the dynamic to make things work and for Cairo and Gen, it was Luca. Gen and Cairo have been friends for a while and they are drawn to each other. But they aren’t compatible […]

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Unwritten Cover

**Note: For this review I am going to try a different style of reviewing.** Unwritten had my heart by the end of the first chapter! I was rooting for Tobias and Mel to get through filming the movie and then get together as a couple. They both have amazing chemistry […]

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The Mounting Block

The Mounting Block Cover

The Mounting Block was a very quick read. The chemistry between Dan and Joe was instant. But I felt like it came on way too quickly and they progressed in their relationships really fast. But being a shorter book it was probably necessary. The premise of the book it Joe […]

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Taming Dante

Taming Dante Cover

Dante is a hot mess, literally and figuratively. There is no one really looking out for his wellbeing. So when Cash comes into the picture everything begins to make sense. Drake hired him a drummer and bodyguard but he became so much more to Dante like his Daddy and boyfriend. […]

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