September 17, 2020

Class Distinctions

Class DistinctionsClass Distinctions by Rick R. Reed
Publication Date: February 25, 2017
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, LGBTQ+, M M Romance, Romance
Pages: 35
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Kyle and Jonathan were perfect for each other, the two halves that, once together, made a whole. And then one snowy night just before Parents’ Weekend on the campus of Hamilton University, Kyle drops a bomb: he’s breaking up with Jonathan.

Follow the couple through the stormy (in more ways than one) night that ensues. Why has Kyle suddenly decided to throw away something so precious and good?

The answers lie in their backgrounds, and will gradually come to light as a winter blizzard rages around the young couple.

Their tortured paths bring them to the covered bridge where their love had sprung to life on a hot summer day. But will the warmth of that memory and the heat of the love they once shared be enough to outclass the storm, and more importantly, bring them back together?

Class Distinctions was an extremely fast-paced short story. I very quickly got attached the Kyle and Johnathan. I was able to picture their relationship and their struggles quickly, which was good since this was a short story.

The short story follows what happened when Kyle and Jonathan broke up. Kyle out of the blue decided to brake up with Jonathan. But it was more of an internal struggle. He was hoping that he was doing the right thing. Which was crazy, in my opinion.

But a call from Jonathan’s mother came at just the right time. It changed everything and it shows that yes sometimes you really do need to listen to your parent’s advice. But it seemed like Jonathan’s relationship with his parents is something special that not a lot of people get to experience.

The resolution for me was rather lacking. But the build-up to the resolution is what makes up the most of the story. I was able to finish Class Distinctions in just a few hours, of course with distractions from the outside world. If you are looking for a quick read and enjoy LGBTQ+ short stories, then this one is for you.

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