March 27, 2020

Eighteen Acres

Eighteen AcresEighteen Acres by Nicolle Wallace
Series: Eighteen Acres Trilogy #1
Publication Date: October 19, 2010
Publisher: Atria Books
Genre: Chick Lit, Fiction, Politics
Pages: 336
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From the former Communications Director for the White House and current political media strategist comes a suspenseful and smart commercial novel about the first female president and all dramas and deceptions she faces both in politics and in love.

Eighteen Acres, a description used by political insiders when referring to the White House complex, follows the first female President of the United States, Charlotte Kramer, and her staff as they take on dangerous threats from abroad and within her very own cabinet.

Charlotte Kramer, the 45th US President, Melanie Kingston, the White House chief of staff, and Dale Smith, a White House correspondent for one of the networks are all working tirelessly on Charlotte’s campaign for re-election. At the very moment when they should have been securing success, though, Kramer’s White House implodes under rumors of her husband’s infidelity and grave errors of judgment on the part of her closest national security advisor. In an upheaval that threatens not only the presidency, but the safety of the American people, Charlotte must fight to regain her footing and protect the the country she has given her life to serving.

Eighteen Acres combines political and family drama into one un-put-downable novel. It is a smart, juicy and fast-paced read that we’re sure fans of commercial women’s fiction will fall in total love with.

While browsing my book library, I came across Eighteen Acres. It’s been on my list to read for years, so I figure why not give it a shot. Turns out, it’s a really good book!

Getting into Eighteen Acres it took me a few chapters to get into the groove of things. But as the book progresses having the chapters from different characters points of views really makes sense. It adds to the pace of the book and offers really good insight into what is going through everyone’s minds.

Charlotte is just trying to do her best as president, but things just keep hitting her administration. Her staff is keeping things afloat, until the trip to Afghanistan. Then. everything hits the fan. She is forced to admit to the American people her husband is having an affair, and the reporter that got injured during the trip was his lover. Now, Charlotte’s approval numbers are approving and she must try anything to win her re-election.

Eighteen Acres is written by a press secretary from the white house. Nicole Wallace knows the workings on the White House and I found it so interesting to see how things go in the book. The thing that I found most interesting was that the President decided not to campaign for election but to allow the voters to decide for themselves.

Overall Eighteen Acres was a fast read. The book really kept my attention and made me want to keep coming back chapter after chapter. The interworkings on the White House and the press was interesting to me. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an enjoyable read. Eighteen Acres does not try to force political issues on you, which was nice.

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