April 2, 2020

January – March 2020 Recap

January, February, and March of 202 have been crazy exciting months for the blog! We have grown a lot and also learned a lot. Here is a quick look at the stats and a summary of the reviews posted for the first three months of 2020. Also included is an overview of the February 2020 To Be Read Pile Challenge.

Books Finished 475
Books DNFd 001
Reviews Written 375
Posts Written 588
Guest Posts 000
Blog Tours000
Giveaways 000
Email Subscribers 215673
Blog Subscribers 335
WordPress Likes 055
Twitter Followers 244965
Facebook Page Likes 334
Goodreads Friends 121315
Pageviews 3912537
Unique Visitors 166325

January Reviews

February Reviews

March Reviews

[challenge-books for=”February 2020 To Be Read Pile Challenge” overview=”yes”]

The first three months of this year have been amazing for the blog. I can’t wait to see what the next three months hold in store!

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