Raining Men Cover

Raining Men

First off, I did not read the book in this series Chaser. Though, after reading Raining Men, I might sometime in the future. But, this book was full of surprises and you do not need to have read Chaser to understand what is happening. This can be considered a standalone novel. For the first few […]

The Gravity of Us Book Cover

The Gravity of Us

Okay, so I was not planning on publishing this review the day after I finished The Gravity of Us, but I have to get all my thoughts out right now! This book is EVERYTHING to me! From the drama, space, love, and everything in between. Honestly, this book has probably gone to the top as […]

Red White Royal Blue Cover

Red, White & Royal Blue

This book had me hooked from the first page. This is one of the few books that I actually read the whole thing within two days. The characters, the Prince of England and the US President’s son, were so cute together. The premise of the book is that Prince of England and the United States […]