April 12, 2020


SasquatchSasquatch by Roland Smith
Publication Date: September 25, 1999
Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 188
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When Dylan's father join a Sasquatch-hunting team led by a top big-foot researcher, Dylan feels he has to try to keep him in line. So he joins aging field biologist samuel Johnson on the slopes of Mount Saint Helens, shadowing the hunting party through their walkie-talkies. But Dylan may be in more trouble than he thought -- Mr. Johnson is not the man he seems to be. Even as they are following Dr. Flagg's team, somebody is following Mr.Johnson, and on top of it all, Dylan is beginning to realize that his father may not be so crazy -- maybe, the Sasquatch does exist, and it's closer than Dylan ever guessed. Roland Smith has created another compelling action-adventure novel for young readers.

During third grade, my teacher read Sasquatch aloud to us. Of course, being young, the book scared me. But looking back I think this was around this time I was becoming intrigued with Sasquatch.

I was extremely excited when I saw this book in Books A Million a few years back. I read when I first bought it, and again now. Honestly, the story never gets old. While I know what’s going to happen it keeps me intrigued.

Sasquatch is really fast-paced, but that mostly because it is a grade-level book. It follows Dylan’s dad going on a Sasquatch expedition and Dylan going along with another companion without his father knowing. The whole time Mount St. Helen’s is getting ready to erupt.

I really like the idea that there were people who safeguarded the existence of Sasquatch. Meanwhile, there were people out there wanting to bring in a Sasquatch dead or alive. The consequences could not be direr.

Sasquatch is a great book full of adventure. I enjoyed that it was quick read and was able to keep my attention. If you are interested in Sasquatch or the paranormal I would recommend this book to you.

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