The Witch City Detective Agency: The Demon of Essex County

The Witch City Detective Agency: The Demon of Essex CountyThe Witch City Detective Agency: The Demon of Essex County by Allison Whenman
Series: The Witch City Detective Agency #1
Published by on December 11, 2018
Pages: 122
Format: Paperback
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"The Mage and Creature Ordinances of 2010 state, in layman's terms, that any non-human entity that is found will be removed from human civilization until they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they will not harm any of the human species nor will they procreate without first registering the intent to have an offspring.""

Kaityln Valinski is missing. Kaitlyn Valinski is also fae and the police are only putting in the bare minimum to find her. Bleeding heart private detective Ben Cole takes on her case when her older sister begs for help despite the stigma. But between suspicious memory gaps, uncooperative witnesses, the reappearance of Ben's first love, and Kaitlyn's ghost haunting his office it seems as though something much worse than her running away is going on and Ben's going to need everything he has in him to solve the mystery.

The first thing people will notice about this book (well pretty much any book) is its cover. A terrified girl with a hand over her mouth. That basically sets the entire tone of the book. Welcome to The Witch City Detective Agency.

In the first chapter, we are shot right into a scene between Ben and Danny (Ben & Danny are my goals!). This chapter gets 100 points for me and Gryffindor for the mention of Harry Potter! In this chapter, we are also first introduced to a rune. The chapter is really important for setting things up for the rest of the book.

As The Witch City Detective Agency: The Demon of Essex County goes on we learn that there are many different magical species around Salem. Faes (Fairies), Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, so many cool ones. But this case, the demon of Essex county deals with finding a missing fae.

While this may be an unpopular opinion, Biance (Danny’s mother) is one of my favorite characters. She is feisty and evil and I loved it. I guess she brings out the Slytherin side of me.

The book covers Ben Cole and his partner Jo while they investigate the disappearance of Kaitlyn Valinski. There are so many different twists and turns on every page I found amazing to follow. The descriptions of the characters and settings had me seeing everything in my mind.

I was able to finish The Witch City Detective Agency: The Demon of Essex County in one day, and as I mentioned before the book really kept my attention the entire time. This book is sure not to disappoint.

Overall if you love mystery and/or supernatural this book is for you. It does not lack either of those and it will really keep your attention. The Witch City Detective Agency: The Demon of Essex County is fast-paced and will have you hungry for more. I sure need more!

About Allison Whenman

Allison Whenman lives with her two cats, boyfriend, and multiple story plots in beautiful New England. She currently spends her free time reading, coming up with fan theories, hiking, running, kickboxing and procrastinating on writing.

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