September 14, 2020

Upcoming Changes To The Blog

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well and are healthy. I know things have been beyond crazy with COVID-19. But at least we have books!

This last weekend I took a step back and looked at the blog and realized that there were things that could be tweaked to it a better for you the reader and I the writer. I have decided to change something major that will impact how I enter books on to the site.

Currently, when I go to write a review I attach the book from the book database then pull the information from Goodreads and fill out the missing information. But here is the thing, why should I pull the data again if I have already added it all to the book in my book database? So here is where the change comes in.

But first, this what it looks like right now when I go to create a book review.

Here is what a new book database entry looks like.

As you can see adding books into the book database is a look simpler than adding then a book to a post currently. Plus it means double to work for me.


So I have come with a solution. I can add the information directly into a blog post from the book database information. That eliminates having to pull the data again and fill out the missing information. Must easier!

But you may have noticed there a couple of fields that were missing in the book database that are currently available in the current review option. The nice thing about the Book Database is that I can add more fields which so I will still have the same flexibility I have now.

So with this implemented, the new blog post setup would be this.

Ahhh, much better! It simpler and allows me to create reviews without twice the amount of work. But what happens to all my current posts if I make the change?

What This Means

What it means is that it would take me some time to convert my current blog reviews to the new format. The process is simple, thankfully but it will take time. I do plan on starting the process shortly.

But, this also means some features will be leaving the site. For example, the All Reviews page will need to be reconfigured to show the book database reviews. I have checked this feature out already, and love it because there are so many more ways to filter results.

The Review Request function will also no longer work. I would need to create a form to handle review requests. This is something simple to as well.

Book Challenges would be removed and replaced with a new system I have yet to create. But once it is created everything will transfer over nicely.

Lastly, the current book database will need to under a major overhaul. For that to happen I may remove the pages all together while I work on them. This will not affect the reviews or anything like that. But it would one less feature currently available on the site.

So that just phase one of the changes I am going to be working on bringing to the site. But it is by far the largest and most ambitious as it requires a lot of time and work. But in the long run, it will allow me to create reviews easier which may result in them being published more quickly.

I’m probably rambling at this point, or you didn’t understand a word I was talking about. But I wanted to update everyone on some changes that were coming that could affect you the reader. I will be opening a section on the site for bug reports as I work on things so that if you come across something that doesn’t seem right I can fix it.

Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you have questions.

Happy reading!

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